H&M Mul-T-Lock Classic Interactive 5 Pin Pick – Left Side


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H&M Mul-T-Lock Pick Tool is designed for classic pin, floating pin and side pin high-security Mul-T-Lock cylinders, includes rim cylinders, Mortice cylinders, profile cylinders, padlocks, and auto gearbox locks, etc.

Product features:

  1. This tool utilized a precision pin locating method. The needle nose is locked in each of the chambers. Operator can concentrate on picking each of the pins then wasting time in aiming at the bottom of the pins.
  2. Other Mul-T-Lock tools have a problem with pick trapped by the pins inside a plug. Our Mul-T-Lock pick tool will travel freely inside the plug without trap by the pins.
  3. This tool gives you positive signal on each of the pins when they are moving. You almost can tell the pin light when picking.
  4. Like every other tools, you have to practice to gain experience. Within an hour or two of practice, you can open locks like an expert.

H&M Mul-T-Lock 5 Pin Pick – Left Side works for:

  • Classic 05 13 15 25 23
  • Interactive 115 215 225 215 235

As you may noticed from the title, this Mul-T-Lock pick too has two versions, you can purchase from here:

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