Our Story


At LockPickabe, we have a huge selection of Chinese-made, affordable lock pick tools which are perfect for both locksmiths beginners & professionals. LockPickable is your source for specialty and quality lock pick tools at all time.

LockPickable supplies best Lockpick tools presently available on China locksmith tools industry. All tools are made from high-quality materials while the cost is comparable, and has great price–performance ratio.

We are based in China and strive to provide reliable and efficient service around the world.



LockPickable was started on Shopify back in 2014, with great effort by Charles Penn, who worked as a locksmith tools salesman for 4 years in factory and 4 years in his wholesale business in the locksmith tools industry.

The team was first established in 2010, and with continues growth in yearly revenue and operation of new sales channels, the team has 15-20 people who's enthusiastic, super-serious, and always ready to help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.