KLOM Snap Gun (Upward and Downward)


  • $14.99

The KLOM Snap Gun completes with 3 blades/meddles and 1 tension/turning tool, come in two versions: the original "upwards" version, and the new "downwards" version which is suitable for euro cylinders.

The KLOM Snap Gun is designed for law enforcement agencies to quickly pick pin tumbler locks. Rather than opening locks by the traditional raking techniques with standard lock picks, a snap gun uses a primary law of physics, the transfer of energy, to compromise locks.

It works very simple, there is a needle that points outward of the gun. Once you pull the trigger, the needle quickly snaps up or down. This makes the Pins snap in the opposite direction of the shearline. So now the shearling is free to move and the plug can turn.

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