KLOM Pump Wedge Auto Entry Tools (4 Pieces Full Set)


  • $29.95

KLOM Pump Wedge is a locksmith tool to unlock vehicle doors, one of the most widely used Auto Entry tools.

It is a hard stiff plastic insert inside the wedge - this makes the wedge a breeze to insert in door.

Perfect for installing and leveling windows, doors, appliances, cabinets and more.

If you forgot the auto key or want to maintain your car by yourself, this air wedge auto entry tool professional set, very convenient and durable.

Rounded corner and internal stiffener gets into tight gaps and won't fold under pressure, and it's durable, no-scuff cover leaves no marks.

Powerful hand pump lifts up to 220 lbs, Span gaps 3/32 to 2 inches.

This 4 pieces full set comes with 3 black pump wedges in 3 sizes: Small/Middle/Large, together with a U-Shape Air Wedge. It's a great savings than you buy individually!

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