H&H Semi-Automatic Lock Pick Gun


  • $55.00

H&H Semi-Automatic Lock Pick Gun is developed for the best possible results and tidy lockpicking operations you want to use the best materials. The pick gun comes with 15 needles, which can well move vertically, rather than in a corner, which means that locks can be cracked faster. By pulling the trigger you do two movements into one and the gun is more user-friendly through a fine rubber handle. This helps for a more finer and precise work.

A. This pick gun is capable of pick locks in a vertical direction, unlike conventional pick guns which picking an suboptimal curve direction. This means the needle will strike the pins all the same time, making this pick gun faster and more efficient.
B. Specially designed 2-Phase trigger
1 light pull=1 vertical strike
1 strong full pull=2 vertical quick strikes consecutively
C. Streamline shape, easier to hold
D. Specially designed nut is used to replace pick needles with fingers in seconds
E. Heavy duty frame and structure
F. Convenient carrying case holds everything involved

Package Including:

a. 3pcs of standard 0.6mm(thickness) straight needles
b. 2pcs of standard 0.6mm(thickness) angle needles
c. 1pc of 69mm(length) 0.9mm(thickness) straight long needle
d. 1pc of 55mm(length) 0.9mm(thickness) straight long needle
e. 1pc of 55mm(length) 0.9mm(thickness) dimple pick needle
f. 1pc of 69mm(length) 0.9mm(thickness) long dimple pick needle
g. 1pc of professional dimple pick needle
h. 1pc of standard tension wrench
i. 1pc of two-finger tension wrench
j. 1pc of Z type long-soft tension wrench
k. 1set (2pcs) of convenient tension set

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