Ford Tibbe Premium Lock Pick and Decoder with Case


  • $79.95

Ford Tibbe Premium Lock Pick and Decoder not only designed for professional locksmith, but also for beginner, is effective and durable product. It comes in a fantastic metal storage case for protecting your Premium Tibbe Pick at all times, it includes a high quality version of this tool which is position-marked to give a clear reading of the lock code.

The set comes with a FREE Make Up key to be used once the lock is decoded, and a FREE CD explaining how to use this superb tool and decoder, as well as a set of disks (1 to 4) to allow you to make up a duplicate key ready for use or key cutting.

Also included is an extended tension bar for the pick and screwdriver for the make-up key, and instructions on picking with this tool.

  • Can be used to open Mondeo and Jaguar 6 track Locks (or 6 cut key).
  • Using this pick, beginner can open locks only in a few minutes.
  • Equip Chinese/English instruction.

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