HONEST Cruciform (Cross/Zeiss) Lock Picks


  • $23.95

HONEST Cross Lock Picks is designed for 4-way cross (cruciform) locks, and it’s available with the following diameters: 6.0mm, 6.5mm and 7.0mm.

Cruciform (Cross/Zeiss) Lock Keyway

This is the cruciform, or cross lock. In Europe they sometimes call it the “Zeiss” lock, after the original inventor. It’s basically four different (sometimes only three) locks built upon a single key. Because of the compact keyway, the number of depths of cut for the key is reduced, making it a little easier to pick. (External Source)

A cruciform lock is a mixture of several locks. It is a branch of lock evolution between the standard pin tumbler and the tubular lock (still a pin tumbler). They can offer greater protection, and they can offer the false promise of greater protection. Everything depends on what brand you buy. The difference between quality and laughability will determine your protection. Check out the biting on the key, but do not fully trust it. The bitting may not reflect the interior of the lock, but if there is no bitting on a side you can be sure that there are no pins on that side.

Be wary of the specialized lock picks as most are delicate and some are just ineffective. When purchasing tools, also pay attention to the size of your own lock’s keyway. Most tools will not fit every cruciform lock. You should never pick a lock that you do not own, or have not received permission to pick. The only person you should be receiving permission from is the owner of the lock. Follow the rules and abide by the law. Be safe and stay informed. (External Source)

Of course we have various cross lock picks now, but what makes this HONEST different from others is HONEST uses high strength steel, highly flexible stainless steel brush head. And body parts are made of advanced oxidation process of aluminum, which makes the cross pick more light weight, easy to carry, excellent workmanship and durability.

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