KLOM Tibbe Cut-To-Code Adapter Kit


  • $65.00

KLOM Tibbe Cut-To-Code Adapter Kit allows you duplicating 6 cut Tibbe keys from an existing laser key cutting machine.

The adapter is available for cutting the Ford (Mondeo – Jaguar) Key. Can be used accompany with standing key cutting machine to cut the key according to key code (Equipped with 2.2mm milling cutter).

  • Fits most modern laser key machines.
  • The perfect solution for cutting Tibbe keys from your existing laser/dimple machine.

Includes x2 clamps, cutter and tracer.

  • For duplicating Tibbe keys with 6 cuts including Ford keys.
  • Middle section rotates to allow for all 6 cuts to be made.
  • Size: 6mm shaft diameter.
  • Robust HSS cutter and tracer.

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