HUK 18 Pieces Lock Pick Set


  • $39.99

HUK 18 Pieces Lock Pick Set contains 18 hook picks with many practical shapes. The set also contains a bag of 4 colored rubber handles, which fit over the lockpicks and offer extra comfort during lockpicking. Besides the 18 lockpicks the set also comes with two tension wrenches.

Do you like Single Pin Picking? And that’s why you collect many different shapes of hook picks? Then this set is what you are looking for. The set is very cheap, but don’t let the low price fool you. The set has an excellent finish. This is almost comparable to the lockpicks you can expect from SouthOrd.

The HUK lockpicks is made from stainless steel, very high-strength, and extremely durable. A must-have lockpick set for locksmith beginners, or an EDC lockpick tool for every locksmith professionals.

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