Lishi Style Yale Picks & CISA-5 - Bundle of 5


  • $199.00
  • Save $50

There’re only 4 Lishi Style Yale Picks actually, the bundle also comes with a tool for CISA 5-Pin locks keyway. The compete set of Lishi-Style 2-in-1 decoder and picks will open a variety of 5 and 6 pin locks. These are the best tools available to aid single pin picking on the household locks job, for both rim cylinders and Euro lock cylinders.

The bundle also comes with a free GTL small magnetic case (WOW!), sold at a discounted unbeatable price! This bundle of 5 Lishi Style Yale Picks is an ideal tool for professionals in the field, offering superior precision and accuracy to quickly open locks of Yale & CISA. Constructed to the highest standards, these picks are made from durable materials that can withstand extensive use.

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