HONEST Locksmith’s Table Vise


  • $40.00

HONEST Locksmith’s Table Vise with Two Work Zones

HONEST metal locksmith’s table vise is designed with double clamping function – two tightening work zones!!! It can can be used for gripping cylindrical locks and also automobile locks, while being fixed it on a suitable table or somewhere available.

This unique locksmith clamp allows the three main locking mechanisms to be clamped, without having to change the main clamping jaws or fitting attachments thereto.

The locksmith clamp has a sturdy metal construction and uses a stationary, fixed jaw and one movable jaw. The movable jaw moves toward the fixed jaw when tightened. Due to the specific shapes of the jaws in the clamp, there are two tightening work zones – an upper part in which can be clamped cylindrical locks or car locks and lower part in which can be held on the edge of the table. In this way the device allows a double grip.

Very practical product and can be used in every situation – for training on locks, for reading the codes, for recoding the locks, for assembly and disassembly. An everyday product for every locksmith!

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