KLOM Adjustable Cross Lock Picks


  • $19.99

KLOM Adjustable Cross Lock Picks consists of three types of cross picks: 4.8, 6.5, 7.0. Each pick has an adjustable claw. You’ll notice that one pick is in Gold color, the one is the most common size.

What’s a cross pick? Well you can have a look at this article, the keyway is shaped like a cross or plus sign, and its key to open the lock is also shaped like a cross. Cross locks are often found on lock boxes, safes, safety deposit boxes and some padlocks.

Cross picks work with a raking action to open the lock

Tips on Using

When you get a set take a close look at the tip area where the cross picks come out.
You will see four barbs/claws/tension teeth when you set these into the lock they do not go all the way in.
To protect them from breaking make sure you loosen the collar until it is flush with the lock face.

Don’t worry this you will make sense when you have the tool.

Then light tension on the wheel and you plunge the cross pick in and out of the lock raking it open.

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